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If your email template cannot be delivered to HubSpot, please make sure that you have one of these 2 paid Subscription plans with HubSpot :

  • HubSpot Marketing Professional package;

  • Enterprise package.

Then ensure you have enough rights to build, view and edit templates.

Here is an example:

  • design-manager-access;

  • content-core-api-access;

  • content-access.

You can check this information in the Settings menu in your HubSpot account. 

Also, please be advised that you need to add such a list of Merge tags to the email template, for example, to the text block, before exporting to HubSpot:

{{ site_settings.company_name }}

{{ site_settings.company_street_address_1 }}

{{ site_settings.company_city }}

{{ site_settings.company_state }}

{{ unsubscribe_link }}

When exported to HubSpot, your email template will be placed in the "Marketing" → "Design tools" "Stripo Templates" menu tab.

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If you have any additional questions, please email us at support@stripo.email.

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