Prior to sending emails over to recipients, you might want to see them the way your subscribers will to be sure everything works exactly as you plan. This is called email testing. 

Stripo allows testing emails with its embedded email testing tool — Stripo is integrated with Email on Acid.

Please be advised: this option by default goes with the “Business” and “Agency” subscriptions. 

In order to run an email test, you need to open your email, click the Test icon in the top menu and choose the Run email test option.

Once you click the button, the test will start and you will see screenshots of how your email renders across multiple email clients and devices.

In order to zoom in a certain screenshot, you need to double click it. To get back to the template, you need to click the Esc button

To view the results of previous tests, you need to click the Arrow to the right from the Run email test button. 

And click the Previous tests button in the dropdown menu  

Please be advised: the latter option is available only for those emails which you have previously tested. 

When you run out of free tests or your subscription plan is Free, you can purchase these “tests” in your account. 

To do so, you need to enter the Organization settings menu.

And in the Additional services, switch the Extra Email Clients Tests option on (toggle the button).
In the same window, you can manually set which email clients you need for email testing. 

Just “tick” necessary email clients or tick the Select all option.

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