Anchor links in emails are meant to take readers to specific paragraphs within the email. By using anchor links in email newsletters, you let recipients skip some parts of emails to get directly to the necessary ones without scrolling on and on. When your email is long enough, make sure to insert anchor links — and your customers will appreciate it.

Before to talk about how to use anchor links, I would like to mention that links of this type work correctly not in all email clients. I.e. everything depends on the specific version of the email client.

But in practice, these links usually work.

Currently there are 2 ways of anchor links adding to the editor.

The first way is by adding anchor link to any block in the Stripo.

For this you need to highlight any block and activate this option as it is shown on the screenshot. Please, add the Anchor's name in the corresponding field. You can set up any suitable name.

After you turned on this option and added the link, please move to the next needed block that you would like to connect by link.

You need also to highlight the block and add the link on the left settings panel to the "link" option as it is shown on the screenshot.

So at first you need to activate the function on the one block and after this choose the block where the link should lead.

The second option how to add anchor links is by using the custom code.

So this is how to use them:

  • choose the email template location for your link.

  • click the desired block and open the code editor. Create a new line of this kind (with any link name in quotation marks).

<a name = "anchorname"></a>

  • Then go to another place of your template you want to refer to the anchor link (this is typically but not necessarily a menu block, i.e. user is redirected to anchor link when clicked this block) and insert the same "#anchorname".

  • Done!

Please note that we cannot test these links right in the editor, i.e. you need to send a test message.

We also have a post in English with a more detailed description of how to add anchor links.

If you are interested, please click the link to read the post on our blog.

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