You can manage standard and nonstandard Stripo fonts, and also add some custom ones in the Font Management section. What should you do to reach it?

Here is the small instruction:

  • firstly, go to the Projects tab;

  • select the project you are going to customize some font (I have only one project);

  • click the Settings button;

  • scroll down to see the Font Management section;

In this section, you can edit, enable or disable the displaying and access to Stripo embedded fonts list, and also, in addition to standard and nonstandard Stripo fonts, you can add custom fonts to the editor.

First of all, what about embedded fonts? You can disable any standard and non-standard font and change the fonts family to any of them. To change it, you should click on the pen icon:

After that, you will get the pop-up window where you can change the font family:

To install the custom font in Stripo account, you need to:

Please be advised that the option of adding the custom fonts is available with BASIC, MEDIUM, PRO, or PRIME plans.

  • click Add custom font button (I have already added three custom fonts);

  • in the drop-down form, name your custom font, paste embed URL and insert font group specified by Google.

An important note: for your convenience, we strongly recommend you to give custom fonts their real names.

After filling in all the fields correctly, click Connect.

Now you will see new fonts in the drop-down list.

Please, be aware, in the editor after adding the custom font, you will be able to check only the font with font-weight "400". If you need to have any other font-weight values, you can add them via 1 link to the settings of the Project.

However, you need to set up different values manually in the code through "font-weight" in the tag style to the text.

For example:

In addition, watch our step-by-step video tutorial on how to add fonts in Stripo.

You would like to add your custom font which is nor present on Google fonts

Please be advised that if you have a license for a paid custom font and want to use it in emails, then you need to:

  • create a CSS file in which you describe the styles for connecting this font on your server;

  • add a link to this CSS file into your account in Stripo;

The example of the code in the css file:

@font-face {

font-family: 'custom_font_name';

font-style: normal;

font-weight: 400;

src: url('absolute_path_to_font_file') format('woff2');


Where an absolute_path_to_font_file should look similar to this:

Please note that you also need to check CORS policy for your fonts.

You can find more about CORS policy here.

We do not limit the use of formats (woff, woff2, ttf, otf, etc.).

Please be aware, the support of the fonts will depend only on the Email Service Provider that you use.

If you have any questions, please email us at

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