How to save email templates?

In this article, you will learn how to store email templates in Stripo.

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By default, the functionality for automatic saving is engaged within the "Projects&Groups" section. Nevertheless, it is possible to deactivate this feature at your discretion.

When you enter this section, you are presented with the opportunity to initiate a "New Group" or to select the "General" control in order to access the "Group Settings".

Detailed insights about the "Group" are obtainable here.

In addition, you have an option to save emails manually inside the editor at any time.

Please note that a stable internet connection is required to save changes correctly.

When autosaving is disabled and you try to exit without saving, you will see the following warning window which reminds you of the possible loss of unsaved changes and helps to save them.

Furthermore, you can use the Save email and exit option to save your work as a new email message or template.

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