In early 2019, Google announced the launch of the New Promotions Tab in Gmail. This means that from now on email marketers can highlight their value offers in customers’ inboxes. Recipients get to see your brand name, items that are on sale, email preview image, the size of the sale and its end date.

Stripo decided to create its own embedded promo annotation builder. Using this your recipients will always see your value offers, coupons, and sales even not even opening emails.

To use it, open the email and select the settings icon in the settings panel, then just toggle on the "Google Promotional Annotations" control.

Next, fill in/enable the fields (not necessarily all, only those you want to use) like:

  •  Email subject

  • Display offer badge

  • Display promocode badge

  • Set the end date of your discount offer

  • Include URL link to sender logo or upload it from your PC

  • Include a promo image

Done! Promo code will be automatically added to the template/email in the <Body> tag in Microdata format and you can export email to test the result.

Please, be advised, you need to set up in your ESP system the mailings and Promotional Annotations in such a way, so the emails/templates will be send to the Promotions folder in Gmail. You can find more detailed description at this link

For more details and recommendations on how to activate Gmail promo annotations, read our blog post.

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