All the email messages in our editor are structured by a descending hierarchy of elements

Stripes that contain structures, containers and blocks are at the top of the hierarchy.

To add stripes, click the "+" icon at the bottom left corner of the stripe.

You can set the type (header, footer, content, info area) for each stripe.

Using different types of stripes can be useful for more convenient and detailed settings.

For example, you can set the text size, content background color, font color and link color for all stripes of the same type

... as well as copy font size for all stripes of the same type for mobile formatting.

For more information about separate stripes settings, read below.

Stripes settings

Stripes settings are available in three tabs: Appearance, Content and Conditions.

Content tab allows you to configure stripe just like smart element. 

For more details about smart elements, click here.

Conditions tab allows applying conditions which can be used in templates.

To read more about conditions follow this link.

In the Appearance tab, you can set the background color of the stripe and its content as well as the background image.

You can also configure the full content border here, or do it separately for each side with an option to customize the border color.

Besides, you can hide email message stripes for desktop or mobile view here if you want some stripes not to be displayed in some version.

You can specify the stripe type below – HTML, AMPHTML, or both types.

Please read our detailed blog post on how to use stripes.

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