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(New editor) What's the Stripe and how to use it?
(New editor) What's the Stripe and how to use it?

This article will teach you what is Stripe and how to work with it.

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All the email templates in our platform are structured by a descending hierarchy of elements.

Stripes are on top of the hierarchy and they contain structures (aka rows), containers, and blocks.

To add stripes, click the "+" icon at the bottom left corner of the stripe.

Every stripe might have its type: Header, Content, Footer, or Info area. You can set it manually in the "Message area" settings.

Using different types of stripes can be helpful for advanced adjustments.

Stripes adjustment:

To apply general settings for each stripe, go to the "General Styles" β†’ "Stripes" menu. And pick up the stipe type you want to start editing.

Here you can:

  • Set the font family, line height, and letter spacing for all stripes at once;

  • Apply the content background color, font size, and color, link and hover link color;

  • And enable the Paragraph Bottom Space for all stripes of the same type.

Stripes adjustment on mobile:

Also, you have the ability to adjust the line height and font size for the mobile view. To do that, switch between device buttons on a top panel.

Certain Stripe customization:

Further, you can customize each stripe separately in case you have multiple content stripes but want to have different configurations for them.

To do that, select the needed stripe, and the corresponding stripe settings menu will open on the left.

Stripes settings are available in three tabs: "Settings", "Styles", and "Data".

In the Settings tab, you can:

  • Override the current stripe type;

  • Apply Display Conditions; it allows you to dynamically change the content of the email/template displayed to recipients after mailing, depending on whether the specified condition is met or not;

  • Specify the stripe type below – HTML, AMPHTML, or both types;

  • Hide stripes for desktop or mobile view if you want some stripes not to be displayed in some versions.

To read more about "Display Conditions", please follow this link.

In the Styles tab, you can:

  • Set the background color of the stripe and its content as well as the background image;

  • Configure the full content border, or do it separately for each side with an option to customize the border color.

In the Data tab, you can:

  • Configure stripe just like smart element.

Smart Elements are functionality that allows you to automate email production. This is a true time-saver for those who build multiple product cards and email digests. You configure them once and use them across numerous promo campaigns.

For more details about Smart Elements, please click here.

Thank you for taking the time to read our articles. We hope you will find this information helpful.

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