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(Plugin) How to override any translation?
(Plugin) How to override any translation?

In this article, we will guide you on how to redefine translations in the plugin.

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There may be reasons why you need to modify a word or label in the Plugin, such as using company-specific key terms in processes, avoiding confusion in user navigation, utilizing another language, and so forth.

This guide will show you how to modify labels in the Stripo Plugin and replace them with your preferred translations.

In order to override translations, you need to list the keys and new values for each language in the value in the format:

"localePatch": {
"key1": {
"en": "en_value",
"fr": "fr_value"

"key2": {
"en": "en_value"

A list of all editor phrases can be found here.

Consider the following example:

I would like to change the labels for "Structures" and "Merge tags":

  • Firstly, we need to find the appropriate editor phrases here;

"settingsPanel.accordion.structures": "Structures"
"mergeTags.label": "Merge tags"

  • List the keys as well as new values for each language and pass via initialization;

"localePatch": {

"settingsPanel.accordion.structures": {
"en": "Available Structures",
"pl": "Dostępne Struktury"

"mergeTags.label": {
"en": "Personalization tag"


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