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(Plugin) How to prohibit image modification?
(Plugin) How to prohibit image modification?

Here's article how to restrict your customers' ability to change images in the Stripo plugin.

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Sometimes we don't want to show our customers certain options. For example, if you don't want them to edit images that have already been approved or if you have specific mandatory colors and sizes.

You have this opportunity starting today.

To accomplish this option, you must first configure the Plugin as indicated below:

"imageEditor":{ "restrictedUrlRegexList":[ "domain1", "domain2", "domainN" ] }


domain1, domain2, domainN - the name of domains for images.

It can be one domain name or a few, which you should separate by a comma.

As a result, when your customer clicks on the image, he doesn't find the icon (magic wand icon) for editing it.

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