Text wrapping around a picture

This article describes how to wrap a text around the picture.

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Let's pretend you've already spent several hours searching for how to make the text wrapped around the needed picture. As we all know, eye-catching content can skyrocket your engagement rate :)

Or, for example, place the picture in the middle of the wrapped text. Due to the specific table layout of Stripo Editor, reaching such a type of design is not quite an easy thing for beginners. However, we are happy to skill you up. The support team has got a couple of tricks for you.

To recreate such a type of design (for example), follow the below-mentioned advice step by step:

How to make the text wrapped around the needed picture?

  • Select a new structure with 3 containers and drag-n-drop it into Template;

  • As soon as you do it, you will find the structure displayed like that;

  • The next step is to fill the side containers with the text and align it;

  • Put the needed image in the central container;

  • The next step is to add additional text below the image. To do it, you need to drop the text block from the left panel and fulfill it with the needed text;

  • The following step is to drop the empty structure above the already existing content;

  • Fill it with the needed text and get rid of all padding to reach the needed result;

  • And last but not least. Customize the blocks: reduce the container gaps, delete extra text, etc.;

  • Additionally, you can add a suitable background color to the structures.

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