Data Services. What is it for and how to use it?

After you create the Feedback form you should configure your server to handle the requests of recipients, more details on how to configure data service you can find in our article -

Data Service, aka data storage, is the place where you store users’ feedback and reviews.

With Stripo you can build data services for just a few clicks and then you will have the access to the data storage at any time!

To connect one to your AMP-form, you need to:

  • go to Data;

  • enter the “Services” tab;

  • give it a name. We recommend that your service name is inherited from the campaign’s name;

  • all other fields are filled out automatically;

  • open your email with pre-built AMP-form, click on the form and select Service for data collection in the left menu. All users' responses will be stored in the selected data service;

  • or you can copy URL address from the created data service and put it in the AMP-form inside your email.

  • then choose Data Storage — Stripo.

Important to note:

If you use the external one, you will have to paste a link to it.

In one of our previous posts, we showed how to connect your Data Service to Google Sheets via Zapier. This means that all users’ feedback will be delivered and stored either on Zapier, or Google Sheets, or any other data storage that you connect to emails via Zapier.

To test this form with connected data service, please:

  • send a test email to 1 or a few email addresses, click the “Test” button above the template;

Important to note:

Please make sure that you are testing AMP-email in Gmail or any other mailer that supports AMP-element. In another case, the AMP-elements cannot be displayed.

To send a test AMP email, please add Stripo as a trusted sender in your Gmail account.

  • enter your email addresses (if there are more than one, separate them with commas);

  • in the email, leave some a comment, or even a few of them;

  • then go to “Data Service” in your Stripo account;

  • find a necessary service;

  • download it as CSV file in the settings menu:

or here:

  • check if your answers are recorded in the report.

Please mail us if you still have any questions.

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