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What to do if an error occurs during export to Klaviyo?
What to do if an error occurs during export to Klaviyo?

In this article you will find an information why an error appear in the moment of export to Klaviyo, and the way to fix it.

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If you see such an error during export to Klaviyo, the problem can be due to the custom font that was used in the email/template.

To check it, you should follow "Settings" → "Projects&Groups" → "Style options" → "Custom";

After that, please find the connected earlier custom font and click on the "dots""Edit":

Please, be aware that in the URL to CSS File section, the link should always be related to the CSS path, so if you have another type of link, that can be the reason for the issue.

For example, in the screenshot below, you can see the wrong type of link, which is not workable, and it's easy to check.

In this case, if the font is correctly connected, when you copy this link and open it in the browser, you will see such information.

If the font was connected in the wrong way and the used URL is unsuitable, you will see an error in the browser:

Here you can see the example of the correct link for the custom font:

In our article, you can find more detailed instructions on how to add custom fonts to Stripo.

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