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(Plugin) How can I connect my custom storage?
(Plugin) How can I connect my custom storage?

This article illustrates the process of your own custom storage connection to the Stripo plugin.

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With the Stripo Plugin, you independently choose where all your images should be stored, and it’s free for all pricing plans.

In the "Image gallery" settings of your Stripo account, you can specify where all your images will be stored. It can be our default Stripo storage or your own one (Amazon, Azure, or any other storage).

If you want to choose "Other" storage, make sure your server supports all 4 types of requests with the exact specifications described below — GET LIST OF FILES, UPLOAD FILE TO STORAGE, DELETE/REMOVE FILE FROM STORAGE, GET FILE INFO.

Please find more details on these parameters and descriptions here.

Basic Authentication is used to send these requests, so please make sure that you have specified the correct Login, Password, and Base API URL on the Stripo Plugin details page of your Stripo account.

Important to note: the DELETE/REMOVE FILE FROM STORAGE request will be used only for systems images (for example, when the banner block generates the new picture).

So if your customer clicks to delete the image in the library for the editor, it will be like a sign to hide it. So, in general, the image won't be removed from the storage (because it can be used before in other emails), but your customer won't see it.

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