This feature allows you to independently choose which fonts will be displayed in the Plugin for your customers.

Please be advised this option is available only to those who have a paid subscription plan.

It additionally allows you: 

  • expand the list of available fonts displayed in the editor by adding your own web fonts from popular services, such as Google fonts and others;

  • reduce the list of fonts to a limited number of options by removing the default fonts.

The list of fonts that should be displayed in the editor must be defined each time the editor is initialized. This approach helps you implement a variety of scenarios on your end. For example:

  • you want your users to customize the list of fonts loaded in the editor when they edit emails. For this purpose, you can create an interface in your app, and configure the editor accordingly;

  • you are a digital marketing agency and you want to customize the list of fonts in the editor according to a client’s brand for whom the email template is being created.

If you want to see an example of implementation and a description of parameters please go to our Stripo API Documentation

If you have any questions, please email us at or ask in chat.

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