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(Plugin) List of custom font sizes
(Plugin) List of custom font sizes

In this article, you will learn how to set up a list of custom font sizes in the Stripo plugin.

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You can display the font sizes in accordance with your brand identity and needs. It can be our standard, non-standard, or your own custom list with sizes.

This feature is included in all subscription plans (including the FREE one).

This feature helps you:

  • expand the list of available font sizes displayed in the editor by adding your point sizes;

  • reduce the list of font sizes to a limited number of options by removing the default point sizes (standard and non-standard ones).

The list of font sizes that should be displayed in the editor may be defined each time the editor is initialized. This approach helps you implement a variety of scenarios on your end, like:

  • you want your users to customize the list of font sizes loaded in the editor when they edit emails.  For this purpose, you can create an interface in your app and configure the editor accordingly;

  • you are a digital marketing agency, and you want to customize the list of available font sizes in the editor according to a client’s brand for whom the email template is being created.

Here is the example of a font size object that you can pass with Plugin initialization:

"editorFontSizes": {
"showDefaultStandardFontsSizes": false,
"showDefaultNotStandardFontsSizes": true,
"customFontsSizes": [17, 27, 32, 45]

Please find the descriptions of the parameters on the screenshot below:

In this case,

  1. a default section (Non-standard sizes) is loaded since we added the "true" parameter;

  2. 4 custom font sizes are added to the list (to the Custom sizes section).

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