To export your email template from Stripo directly to Zapier, you need to:

1. Open your email template and click the Export button, which is located above the template.

Then find the Zapier icon.

2. Enter a Name (it can be anything you like) and the Webhook URL. (To get the URL, you will need to create a Zap in Zapier). 

3. Click the “Export” button. In your pop-up window with the Webhook URL, click “Continue” — please do not check any boxes and then check if this connection works correctly. 

4. Click the “Plus” button below the first section to add your ESP. Among numerous apps that Zapier offers, choose yours and connect it accordingly.

Please note that you need to enter your account name and the Webhook URL just once — when exporting future campaigns from Stripo to Zapier, you will only have to click the “Export” button —> choose Zapier as an export destination.

Please refer to our blog post to find more details on what actions you should make in Zapier to create the Webhook URL or connect different service accounts:

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