How to export an email template to Zapier?

This article will help you find more information about exporting email templates to Zapier.

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To export your email template from Stripo directly to Zapier, you need to:

  • Open an email template and click the "Export" button, which is located above the email template, then find the "Zapier" icon;

  • Enter an Export account name (it can be anything you like) and Webhook URL;

How to create a webhook URL in Zapier?

  • Create a new Zap, then select the app Webhook and event Catch hook;

  • You will be asked to set up a trigger; you can skip this section and click the "Continue" button;

  • We have created our new webhook. The next tab will show a generated webhook URL;

  • To test the generated URL, copy the webhook URL;

  • And input the URL to the corresponding field when exporting an email template from Stripo, then click the "Export" button;

  • Go back to Zapier and click Test Trigger. Zapier will receive data from Stripo;

  • Done. Our webhook is ready.

Now you can create a task for your Zap to perform and publish it.

Among numerous apps that Zapier offers, choose yours and connect it accordingly.

Please keep in mind that you need to enter your account name and the Webhook URL just once. When exporting future templates from Stripo to Zapier, you will only have to click the “Export” button and choose Zapier as an export destination.

OPTIONAL Way: Create Draft in Gmail via Zapier:

  • Connect your app to Zapier and create an event for it;

  • For example, a Zap can create an email draft at Gmail based on the received HTML code;

  • A Zap will ask for permission to access your Gmail account. Once the access is granted, Zapier will be able to create drafts in your account using the Create Draft event:

  • We will just have to select the necessary data in the respective fields;

  • The Zap will create a draft in Gmail as a test;

Please refer to our blog post for more details on what actions you should take in Zapier to create the Webhook URL or connect different service accounts.

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