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What are the Google Promotional Annotations and how to use them?
What are the Google Promotional Annotations and how to use them?

This article will teach you how to add annotations to emails that get to the Top Picks section of the Gmail app's Promotions Tab.

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Google provided marketers with a great tool for promotional campaigns in the Gmail app. Emails that get to the Top Deals (Top Picks) section of the Promotions tab can be brought to life by adding annotations.

Before opening an email, a client will see a highlighted discount code, a company logo, and other eye-catching elements of the annotation.

Note: Annotations for the Top Deals section are only available in the Gmail app of some mobile devices.

Stipo has a built-in tool that allows annotating emails for the Promotions tab with just a few clicks.

Each annotation can contain up to 5 elements. Let's see how we can add these elements to the annotation.

First, click on the Settings icon at the top right corner to open the template’s settings, then turn on the control responsible for Google Promotional Annotations:

Now we can see toggle buttons for 5 annotation elements. By using them, we can add the following elements to the annotation:

  • The offer badge for showing current discounts;

  • The promocode badge, where you can add a discount code;

  • The end date of your discount offer;

  • The sender's logo so that customers could recognize a familiar brand;

  • The promo image for adding an image.

All these elements will make an email more noticeable and interesting to a customer.

It is important to note that the displaying of annotations should work only if the following conditions are met:

  • Annotations are used for bulk HTML email campaigns;

  • The email gets to the Promotions tab;

  • Subscribers have the Promotions tab;

  • The email gets to the Top Deals. It depends on subscribers' preferences, the sender’s reputation, the ESP’s reputation and, sometimes, the offer’s expiration date: if an offer expires in 3 days, it has a much higher chance of getting to the Top Deals.

For more details and recommendations on Gmail promo annotations, please, read our blog post and Google's guide.

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