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(Plugin) How to remove the "Last change" info from the Version history button?
(Plugin) How to remove the "Last change" info from the Version history button?

In this article, you will learn how to remove the date/username of last saved change from the plugin's UI and display this info differently.

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The Version History tool can be implemented in the UI as a separate button that opens the Version History panel. By default, the button will display the username and time of the last saved change in a template (as in our demo example on GitHub):

But what if we want to make a different design for the button, e.g. what we see in the regular Stripo editor? As in the following screenshot:

In this case, we should use a different approach.

How to remove the username/date from the button?

The initialization parameter versionHistory has, in its turn, a config parameter changeHistoryLinkId. It is changeHistoryLinkId that adds the user name/date to the button. Therefore, we should remove it from the config (along with the parameter onInitialized).

Instead, we will use the following JS API function:


For example, this function can be called on mouse click, using the onclick event:

<button onclick="myFunction()">Click me</button>

----- ------ ------


function myFunction() {




How to display the "last change" info in another way?

To display the "last change" info differently (e.g., as a tooltip), you can use the onChange config parameter for the parameter versionHistory, as in the following example:

versionHistory: {

onChange: (label) => console.log(label)


The variable label will get values ${userFullName} (in case the parameter userFullName is passed during the initialization) and ${dateTime}.

When userFullName is not passed, then it will only contain ${dateTime}.

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