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How to add rounding to your email?
How to add rounding to your email?

This article guides incorporating rounding into various parts of your content with Stripo.

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Adding a rounding to various blocks is an important step in creating an attractive and engaging email. Let's figure out how to do it together.

How to add rounding to the container?

Choose an appropriate container and apply the required amount of radius.

To apply rounding to certain corners of containers, simply select a container and open the code editor. Now we need to find the "border-radius" style and add additional rounding, for example, 25px 25px 0px 0px;

where ensure that the corners are ordered correctly, starting with the top left corner and proceeding in a clockwise direction to the top right, bottom right, and bottom left corners.

The screenshot shows that we applied rounding to the top left corner and top right corners.

Troubleshooting: If you have applied the border radius to the container, and it's not visible, kindly check if the block's background color is set to transparent so it doesn't override the container's styles.

How to add rounding to the structure?

If you want to apply a certain radius to all or individual corners of a structure, simply highlight the structure and utilize the "Rounding corners" control:

How to add rounding to the image block?

To apply rounding to the image, click the "magic wand" icon to open our image editor:

Press the "Corners" icon and apply the desired rounding:

Do not forget to click on the "Apply" and "Save" buttons:

Important to mention: Transparency is only supported by the PNG image format.

If your image is in JPEG or GIF formats, to apply rounding, you need to open the code editor and add the border-radius style to the alt style section.

In my example, I added the next code: border-radius: 25px 25px 25px 25px; border-collapse: separate;

How to add rounding to the video block?

To make the video block preview round, open the code editor and add a whole style="border-radius: 25px 25px 25px 25px;"

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