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Artificial intelligence assistant for a text block
Artificial intelligence assistant for a text block
This article provides guidance on how to enable Artificial Intelligence for a text block within the Plugin.
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What is artificial intelligence (AI)?

A text generator is a tool that uses advanced algorithms and AI to expand a short seed of text into a full-length piece. These tools capture all the essential points of the seed text and create a complete and expanded version for you to use. It's a convenient way to generate high-quality content with minimal effort.

From now you don't need to laboriously search and replace different words or phrases to adapt your text according to your requirements. AI text generators can save you a lot of time and effort, taking the grunt work out of your hands and leaving you with the task of refining the content.

How to activate the Artificial Intelligence assistant for text blocks in the Plugin?

  • Go to the Plugin application menu โ†’ "UI settings" and enable the "AI assistant for text block";

  • Input the "Open AI API Key" into the designated empty field.

To acquire the API key, navigate to the settings section of the text generation AI service you use. The text we generate will be based on the AI service you choose to use.

How to use AI with text blocks?

  • Drop a text block to your email template and click the "Launch AI" button;

  • With an activated AI text generator, you can input a few keywords or topics as well as choose the tone to let the system do the writing for you;

You just need to define your topic and type in a couple of keywords and the AI writer will offer you possible headlines and ideas for you. Furthermore, you have the option to specify the tone in which you would like the text to be written.

  • Click the "Generate Text" button;

  • Select the most appropriate choice;

  • If you were unable to find a suitable option, try rephrasing your topic or adding more keywords to the "Manage the outcome" field.

Using AI text generators can significantly reduce the time and effort required to conduct research, write, and format content. With this tool, you can devote more attention to editing and creating visuals for your material.

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