How to apply the promo-code?

Following this article, you will know how to add the promo-code when paying for a subscription.

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To apply a promo code please follow below mention simple steps:

  • First, proceed to the personal "Organization" menu and there click the "Upgrade Account" button;

  • This action activates the pop-up window. Choose the tariff plan for which you received a Promo code and press the "Upgrade" button;

Please be advised, that if you have received a promo-code related to additional services such as Extra users, Extra timer views, Extra email clients tests, or Extra exports, select the service related to the coupon.

  • Pick up a suitable payment method and enter your payment details. After that, click the "enter a PROMO code" button;

  • Now paste your promo code in the field to check if it is valid or not. If it is valid then you will see the discount amount;

  • Enable the "I acknowledge this is a recurring subscription that will occur on a yearly basis" agreement and press the "Pay" button.

Congratulations, you paid for the subscription using the discount.

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