In this article, we will look at the difference between the MEDIUM and PRO billing plans.

MEDIUM subscription

MEDIUM is an ideal subscription for the freelance team, working on small marketing orders. It includes 2 projects and 3 users.

If you want to know what is the project, I will be happy to tell you about it! The project helps you to sort your work. In addition to regular email templates storage, you have an option to invite different participants to your particular projects for further collaboration, customize project settings to reduce time to create email templates. You will also be able to add different brand styles and requirements for creating email templates.

MEDIUM billing plan is limited to 300 emails and templates totally. It also includes 300 exports per month and 100 email tests per day (so you can use it with different email boxes and devices to see how your email would be displayed there).

As a bonus, you have an option to test your template displaying in various email clients with Email on Acid testing tool 2 times for the entire account. These tests are provided on a one-time basis to familiarize you with this functionality.

After pressing the Run button, you will be redirected to a separate page where you can see your email across different services.

As a result, the system will generate screenshots of how your email template is renders across multiple email clients and devices in a new window:

Email on Acid is an embed service and paid feature. So if you like this service, you can always buy more tests in your Organization Settings. It does not take long to do so.

In addition, with the MEDIUM plan, you get 90 days to keep a history of changes to your email messages and templates.

There are a lot more fascinating features in the MEDIUM package!

With Sharing feature, you will be able to quickly share email templates on your socials and get feedback from your audience. You can copy the unique URL for your email/template and give this URL to anyone you want to share the template with. Also, you can perform a direct share to Facebook, Twitter, or mail.

Brand Guidelines generation is our new feature that will act as a regulation for designers and email marketers working on creating emails.

In this file, you can collect all information about the design of your emails. You can add brand identity, templates, modules, pictures, and any contact information there. It also describes for you and your team the fonts used by your brand in previous mailings, indents inside and between containers, fonts, and background colors, design of CTA buttons, social media icons, etc.

All this is done for the convenience of you and your team.

Also, you will be able to add some Custom fonts to your Organization settings.

Email translation service will help you to translate your emails/templates to any needed language.

You will also have access to the Premium Templates Library! Our designers create prepossessing well crafted new emails quite often. Unlike free templates, the paid library provides more complex emails with AMP and gamification. You can always turn to this library in search of inspiration and new ideas.

Custom domain for email previews is an option available with MEDIUM pricing plan. It’s especially helpful for companies that send email templates links to their clients for approval, so they do not want URL link to contain domain name related to

All our tariff plans have additional features. You can buy the additional pack of tests, users, exports, and timer block views. To do this, please go to "Organization" Settings and activate the service you need.

Please, be informed that with MEDIUM billing plan, you have access to the support service chat and email.

PRO subscription

Professional agencies can benefit from using the PRO plan's extra functionality.

There are 10 users and an unlimited amount of projects in PRO plan.

Also, there is an unlimited amount of emails and templates in PRO subscription. It also includes an unlimited amount of exports per month and 300 email tests per day (so you can use it with different email boxes and devices to see how your email would be displayed there). You have 3 tests via Email on Acid per month.

With the PRO you will get 1 year of the Version History.

In this subscription, the same additional features that we talked about earlier are available: Sharing feature, Brand Guidelines generation, Custom fonts, Email translation service, Custom domain for email previews, and Premium templates.

Also, you are able to buy the additional pack of tests, users, exports, and timer block views. To do this, please go to Organization Settings and activate the service you need.

With PRO you have access to the support service chat, email, and also you get the opportunity to call us by phone.

I would also like to note that our editor is not an ESP (Email Service Provider) or email service i.e. we do not send emails.

With Stripo, you can create responsive/interactive templates and emails, and then export them to desired email service for further sending.

If you have any questions, please email us at

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