There is a role for each user-participant of the Agency. This is the owner, admin, designer, writer, proofreader, and viewer. Each role has its own features. You can check the roles and their features here, by clicking on the Roles descriptions:

As you can see, I'm the only participant in my account, and that's why I am the owner:)

So, you want to change the Owner of your organization. To do so, you should go to your Profile setting and change your Email address to the new one.

You should click here:

And then you will be redirected to the Profile settings panel:

Please be advised, this new address should be absolutely new, without any Stripo account registered.

This is the variant for those who want to do everything on their own.

Also, you can always contact our Support chat, and we will change the role of any user manually.

If you have any questions, please email us at

Have a great day:)

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