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The main purpose of a countdown Timer block is to create a sense of urgency and give the feeling that "time is running out".

In addition to this, it could be helpful to count down to when a particular discount or offer becomes available. It can generate curiosity and keep people interested and coming back. At the specified time and day, the timer will show zeros.

Let's discover why the timer block is not updated after sending it to Gmail/Yahoo.

Important to note: the timer block is a GIF image. It has an interval of 1 minute.

The data for this gif is stored on the Stripo server, and every time the page is refreshed/opened via editor or preview mode, the server sends a new gif with the correct timer picture.

If you open the email template, the time will coincide with what you indicated.

The situation is reversed with email clients.

For example, after sending it to the Gmail email client, Gmail automatically caches the timer's picture and sends it to its server.

The next time you open the email, it will no longer go to our Stripo server, and the Timer (GIF image) won't be updated with the correct time.

It will go to the Google server where the same previous picture version is stored - accordingly, the timer will not work correctly.

Unfortunately, we can't affect this case on Gmail from our end since Gmail caches the timer's picture on its own.

The same situation is with the Yahoo email client. Yahoo also caches the picture of the timer and sends it to its server.

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