If you would like to change the list displaying in the template, we will show you several tips how you can do that.

Let's start from the space decreasing between lines.

If you would like to decrease space between the lines, you can add the style="margin-bottom:0px;" code to the tag <li> in the code editor.

For example,

Also you can move the list to the right side from the border of the container.

For this please insert to the <li> style="margin-left:20px;". You can change the number of pixels.

The next tip is to change the bullets and text color in the list.

The first step is to insert text to tag <p>. After this we can add style attribute to each tag separately. For example, I set up different colors for bullets and text:

<li style="color:#cc0000">    
<p style="color:#6aa84f"> Text 2 </p>

If you have any questions, please email us at support@stripo.email.

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