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Let's imagine that you created an email template and added a Bullet list there.

In this article, you will learn how to customize and edit the display of the Bullet list, and below I will show you how this can be done.

How can I customize my Bullet list?

  • Let's start with the space decreasing between lines.

If you would like to decrease the space between the lines, you can add the style="margin-bottom:0px;" code to the tag <li> in the code editor.

For example:

  • Also, you can move the list to the right side from the container's border.

For this, please insert to the <li style="margin-left:20px;">. You can change the number of pixels.

  • The next tip is to change the bullets and text color in the list.

The first step is to insert text to tag <p>. After this, we can add the style attribute to each tag separately. For example, I set up different colors for bullets and text:

<li style="color:#cc0000">    
<p style="color:#6aa84f"> Text 2 </p>

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