After exporting and sending an email/template, certain parts of the text can change their format, color and add underlining.

It can happen due to the fact that many ESP services define parts of the text as links, for example, phone numbers, postal addresses, websites, and after sending the email/template, change their appearance.

For example, in the editor, the email will look like this:

But after exporting and sending, the text will already look like this:

In this case, we advise you to make these parts of the text links directly in Stripo, edit them with a desired color and settings, and export the email.

If you faced the issue with the size of links after export, for example, the font of the "Unsubscribe" link becomes larger (or smaller) after submission, you can add styles to these links using the style attribute. Since the links do not appear on the editor side, there are no inline styles for them and the "inlining" occurs during export from Stripo.

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