You created a template, exported to OFT-file and now you want to change some links into email but in a result after sending the links are still old, they did not replaced with new ones as expected?

If you faced this situation, I suppose you turn on the "Support of Outlook" button's control.

Please be advised, that this option inserting a special VML-code element into the HTML.

And if you change the link inside OFT-file only part of the HTML-code changes, and the VML-code breaks.

So what's the solution?

  1. Try to write correct links directly in the Stripo editor and export a fully prepared email.

  2. Disable the "Support of Outlook" button's control, thereby the HTML won't contain VML-code inside and you will be able to change links in the exported OFT-file and they saves after sending.

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