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How to invite users to the Stripo account
How to invite users to the Stripo account
In this article, you will know how to invite extra users to your Stripo account.
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Suppose you are a marketing agency with a group of designers working on creating emails/templates; creating one cooperative paid account and inviting your colleagues to this account for collaboration is possible. Agree this will significantly simplify the interaction between your colleagues.

You have an opportunity to add and manage users who have access to your account by giving them permission to view and edit. This feature is available with MEDIUM (2 users), PRO (9 users), or PRIME (99 users) subscription plans by default; for all other packages, you can connect it as an extra option.

To activate the service, go to the "My Organization" tab in the Account settings and toggle on the "Extra Users" button.

You can add from 1 to 100 extra users to your account. It costs $7 per person.

Please note that the user you want to add to your account must be registered with Stripo.

How to invite users?

  • Go to the "Users" menu and click on the "Invite user" button;

  • Fill in the email address field, set the appropriate role for the invited user, and configure project access levels. Then, send the invite;

For more details about roles and permissions, please click here.

  • Also, you can use the invitation link. Here you should create an invitation link with selected permissions and send the invitation link to your colleagues on any messenger so they can join your project.

For more about adding extra users via the invitation link, please follow our separate instruction.

These are the owner, admin, designer, writer, proofreader, and viewer. You can check the roles and their features here, by clicking on the "Roles descriptions" link:

To change the role, click on the user's role and select another one:

If you want to change the Owner, please follow this instruction.

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