(Plugin) External Video Library

This article describes how to display external custom video library in the plugin.

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In case you want to display your own component with an external list of videos in the pop-up window, which users can pick up while working with Video blocks.

You can define the "externalVideosLibrary" param during plugin initialization as follows:

externalVideosLibrary: {
buttonText: 'YOUR BUTTON NAME',
open: openLibrary(onVideoSelectCallback, onCancelCallback) {
/* Put your logic here.
originalVideoName: 'YOUR VIDEO NAME',
originalImageName: 'YOUR IMAGE NAME',
urlImage: 'https://YOUR_STORAGE_IMAGE_URL.png',
urlVideo: 'https://your_storage_url/YOUR_FILE',
hasCustomButton: true || false
when user select the video from external library.
when user close the library without video selection.

Please find a code example here to see how it works in general.

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