This option allows you to provide the ability to your customers to be able to view all previous changes in an open email template in the editor. 

Additionally, it contains the function to restore the current version of the email template from earlier versions. You can place inside your application the link (trigger), by clicking on which the mode of viewing the history of changes of an open email template can be activated.

You don't have to store all versions on your end as Stripo does it using micro changes (patches). You have to store only the most recent (up to date) version on every email template.

If this option is activated, then when a user opens the Version History our editor will send the request to our end to get all saved micro patches from our DB for that particular email template. 

If the autosaving feature was not activated, a user will see in the Version History screen only manually saved previous versions of this particular email template.

To activate this option you can in the Server settings tab of your Plugin application.

*Please notice that it's available for paid packages only

To activate version history feature on your end please add config parameters while the initialization. To find the configuration and more technical details you can here.

Please feel free to contact if any questions arrive.

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