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(Plugin) Plugin notifications

In this article, you will learn how to configure Plugin notification messages in the Stripo plugin.

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This is useful for those who want to show messages or notifications to users when an action is performed in the editor, e.g., the image is uploaded, the module is saved, etc.

You have the opportunity to display the editor’s messages with the script initialization and call one of these functions:

    "notifications": {
        "info": message => console.log(message),
        "error": message => console.error(message),
        "success": message => console.log(message),
        "warn": message => console.log(message),
        "loader": message => console.log(message),
        "hide": message => console.log(message)

Where Notifications Params can be:

closeable?: boolean;
autoClose?: boolean;
customClasses?: string;

where: ? - means not a mandatory parameter.

You need to configure these functions to show messages in the correct place and style them the way you like.

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