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How can I receive a bill for my financial team?
How can I receive a bill for my financial team?

In this article, you can find an instruction how you can get /download / receive a bill about the payment.

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If you want to receive a bill after the payment, please enter the "Billing" menu and download it in the "Payment History" section.

Also, if you want to send bills to your finance department, you can specify the financial emails in the field under the "Billing Address and VAT ID" section.

Please be advised that only new bills will be sent to specified financial emails immediately after payment.

If you need to change an organization address in the bill, please fill in the corresponding fields also in the "Billing Address and VAT ID" section.

While organization name can be changed in the "Organization" section, and new account data will be updated automatically in all your bills.

If you want to add your profile name to the bill, enable the "Include profile name into invoice" control.

You can see the invoice example below:

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