In the current post, I would like to explain the main difference between the BUSINESS and AGENCY tariff plans.

BUSINESS plan is limited to 15 templates (but here are no limits to creating emails based on your templates), so if you want to craft the new one, you have to delete one of the previously created templates.

This plan also includes 300 exports per month and 50 email tests per day. As a bonus, you have an option to test your template displaying in various email clients with Email on Acid testing tool for free.

With AGENCY tariff plan, you can craft an unlimited number of templates and emails, you will also have unlimited templates export to another ESPs from our export list ( HTML, OFT, PDF, AMPHTML files download included), and the number of email tests increases to 300 per day.

In addition, AGENCY tariff plan has some additional features like adding additional projects and 5 free users invite to your account. After that, you can provide/restrict their access to your projects. Invited users are also able to export and create templates and emails but only within the limits of available rights and projects.

Using AGENCY tariff plan you can also set your own domain for emails preview - this is convenient for companies that want to share emails they create with customers by providing preview link in https://your-domain/ format instead of

You can find the detailed comparative descriptions of these plans on our website  -

All our tariff plans have additional features. You can buy the additional pack of tests, users and timer block views. To do this, please go to Organization Settings and activate the service you need.

I would also like to note that our editor is not an ESP (Email Service Provider) or email service i.e. we do not send emails.

With Stripo, you can create responsive/interactive templates and emails, and then export them to desired email service for further sending.

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