To export an email template to Outlook service you need to:

1. Open your email template and click the Export button, which is located above the template, then find the Outlook icon.

2. Choose "Download OFT file" if you use OS Windows or "Download EMLTPL file" for Microsoft Outlook on macOS.

Please be advised that the "Download EMLTPL file" option will work for:

  • Users with a subscription to Microsoft Office 365.

  • Outlook 2019 apps for macOS.

  • Users with Outlook for macOS 15.35 (170610) and higher.

Once you click it, the file will be automatically downloaded to your device and you will be able to open it as ready-to-go email by clicking the file.

3. Enter recipients’ email addresses and your email is ready to go!

Please refer to our video for more information:

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