To download your email message/template as AMP HTML file, you need to:

1. Open your email message/template and click the Export button, which is located above the template/email message, then find the AMP HTML icon

2. Pick the AMP HTML export method — as file or as archive

Difference between the HTML-file and HTML-archive:

When email message/template is exported as HTML file, all images will be displayed as links to the servers where images are stored.

When email message/template is exported as HTML archive, all images, stored on our server, will be saved to a separate folder in the archive. In the HTML-archive you will see the path to this folder, but not to the server where images are stored. 

Once you’ve downloaded your email message/template, you will be able to open it with any text or code editor (like NotePad and WordPad) to get the code.

3. Copy and paste the code in any necessary ESP, if the latter supports this method of import. 

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