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Imagine that you have created an email and are ready to send it to your customers. But before that, you would like to check that this is displayed correctly.

To do this, we strongly recommend that you send a test email to yourself to make sure that your email looks the way you intended, both on desktop and mobile devices. This is called email testing.

How to send test emails?

Testing is a crucial step in email crafting. You can test emails with Stripo in just two clicks. To do so, please follow a few steps:

  • Please click on the "Test" button above the template;

  • In a pop-up window, enter your email address and click the "Send" button;

Important note: If you want to send an email test to a few addresses, put a comma before adding a new email address.

  • Check your Inbox. Done:)

How many tests can I send with my tariff plan?

  • FREE subscription: allows you to send test emails to your email address only — the one which you used when registering your account with Stripo. You can send up to 5 test emails a day.

  • BASIC subscription: you can send up to 50 test emails daily to any email address.

  • MEDIUM subscription: you can send up to 100 test emails daily to any email address.

  • PRO subscription: you can send up to 300 test emails daily to any email address.

  • PRIME subscription: you can send unlimited test emails daily to any email address.

Furthermore, Stripo allows testing emails with its embedded email testing tool.

Stripo is integrated with the Email on Acid partner service.

This testing option will help you check how your email looks in different email services and devices. For more information, please follow this link.

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