Appearance tab is located at the left part of the editor...

...and contains a general set of embedded settings to create and edit emails.

In Appearance tab, you have access to the following settings

General settings

In General Settings, you can set up a Message width, which is 600px by default. You can set any size between 320 and 900px.

Set up Default padding, which will be used by default for all new structures added to email from the Content tab or while adding new Stripes (rows).

Below, can pick the basic Font for the whole message, enable the Underline links control, set the default Line spacing for all text elements of the email.

Also you can enable the RTL text direction option. If this control is activated then text direction will automatically go from right-to-left.

Responsive design option, enabling this option may help to improve mobile displaying. However, notice that results may vary on different devices.

If this control is disabled then mobile version of your email message will look like the desktop one.

Here, you can set up Background color or Background image for a whole email.


Here you can set default font style, size, color, font color, link color for stripes. 

Here you can set the font size, stripe and its content background colors, font and links color, and stripe background image.


Here you can set default font style, size, color, bold and italics fonts for H1, H2, H3 headings.


In this menu, hover effect with button color change is enabled. By default, it's disabled when a new email is created.

Button menu allows you to set some default parameters that will be applied to all buttons in the email.

Support of Outlook button allows to improve buttons displaying in Outlook, by inserting a special VML-code element.

You can set button color, hover effect color, button font style, color, size, bold and italic settings as well as set border radius (the default setting is 30px)

You can also set button borders and their colors here, for each side separately...

or the same for all sides,

... as well as the option to change button border color and type on hover.

In addition, in this menu, you can set indents for button sides separately.

Mobile formatting

Mobile view menu settings are only used to configure emails displaying on mobile devices.

You can set the font size for header, content, footer, info area, text size for block menu, headers H1, H2, H3, and their horizontal alignment.

You can also set text size for the buttons, enable their full width displaying and set content margin for mobile.

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