Dashboard is located at the top of My organization menu. This settings panel contains several sections and displays account and prepaid services status.

Here you can track the number of created projects, emails and templates in your account, and the number of timer block views.

For users with BASIC, MEDIUM, PRO and PRIME tariff plans and Extra Users prepaid service, invited users number control is available.

You can also track the number of available Email on Acid tests. 

In the General information form below you can specify your organization name, change tariff plan and enhance your account by adding the following features:

Extra Users Allows you to add or upgrade users having access to your account giving them permission to view, edit and use various account menus.
More about Roles and Permissions you can read here.

Extra Timer Views is a prepaid service featured in all tariff plans. Using it you can craft emails with a countdown timer block that shows how much time remains before the promo end.

Timer block views number is limited, so every time you or recipient opens the email (as well as if email is re-edited), timer block tracks views and decreases the number of remaining views on the dashboard. When prepaid views are up, a single pix image is displayed instead of the timer block.

More details about timer block you can read in out post.

Extra Email Clients Tests is our editor’s advanced service to test emails using technologies of our partner, Email on Acid.

You can find more details here

Extra Exports - new feature that helps you to add additional exports if needed. The minimum price is $0.5 per 10 exports.

In the Organization settings you can hide basic and prepared templates in the workspace area, disconnect convert line spacing to pixels, turn off the email and templates autosaving, then disable email tests with Email on Acid partner service, customize the number of devices to make screenshots of the email test, and also compress pictures.

All the mentioned elements will not be displayed in the editor and workspace area when disabled.

At the very bottom of My organization menu you can configure the image server. For more details, click here

If you have any questions, please email us at support@stripo.email

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