How we can address recipients by names automatically, mention their dates of birth, phones and much more? It’s a mission of merge tags.

You can configure the list of displayed merge tags as well as set your custom tags in the corresponding section of the Project menu after selecting the desired project. 

In this block, you can enable or disable the displaying and access to Stripo embedded merge tags list.

You can also add your own merge tags at the bottom of this block by giving them names and adding to the corresponding sections.

After doing that, you can choose and add installed tags to emails and templates in editor mode.

Also if you added a lots of custom tags, you can use the merge-tag search box to save your time for searching the desired merge-tag

We also added the feature called Custom tags display. It allows you to customize the appearance of merge tags in the editor.

With the enable "Custom tags display" feature, the tags are displayed as follows:

However, if you want to see an existing merge-tag value, then disabled "Custom tags display" feature.

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