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In Social networks block, you can provide the links to your social networks and help customers to find you or your goods in different apps; for this, you just need to add a suitable social network icon and point to them a link, for examples, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

How can I add social networks to my email template?

  • Drop the "Social" block in your email template;

  • Double-click it to activate the settings panel. You will see 4 icons by default;

  • If you want to add more, please click the “plus” button to add extra icons to your email template;

It is the way how to manually add social networks directly to the email template.

However, we also created a way to automate this process without manually adding a link to the block every time.

How can I define default social networks?

It helps you set a list of social media for the Social networks block to display the desired media list when the "Social" block is used in editor mode. This will save you time by adding links to your social networks. This can be automated with the "Projects" → "Social network" tab.

  • Firstly, open the settings of the Project and go to the "Social networks" tab;

  • In the drop-down menu, select the social network you want to add;

  • Paste the relevant link;

  • Click the "Plus" icon to open more social media icons.

After adding the social networks in the desired order and applying links to them, you can check the correctness of the added Social Networks when adding a "Social" block.

As we can see, the links were added automatically, as well as icons.

How can I design my social networks?

  • In the settings panel, next to the social media icon, toggle the "more" button to start working with this particular social network;

  • Insert respective URL links;

  • Enter Title and Alt text;

  • Set style for these icons and their size;

  • Set the paddings, alignment, and indents between the icons.

  • Furthermore, you are able to add your own social icons. To do that, pick up the "Custom icons" type and upload your icons:

Important to mention this way, you can overlap all social icons.

Therefore, if you want to keep the standard icons and, for example, load only one custom icon, then the second method will suit you.

  • Click on the "+" sign and choose the "Custom icon" :

Thank you for taking the time to read our articles. We hope you will find this information helpful.

If you have any additional questions, please email us at support@stripo.email.

We would be glad to talk with you.

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