You have several options to configure storage for your pics. Choose and configure the most convenient way in My organization menu

Custom AWS S3 bucket

Custom AWS S3 feature allows you to easily connect your own Amazon Web Services S3 bucket to store images.

When choosing this option, you have to fill out the form to set a connection with your storage. Here is a description of the form fields with specifications regarding what information you need to add to each of them.

Please be sure that the provided account has reading and editing access to your bucket. Take a look at Helpers section for more details on how to configure your AWS S3 storage More about AWS credentials.

Azure Blob storage

Azure Blob storage is a feature that allows you to easily connect your own Azure storage account to store images.

To do this, you have to generate connection string in your Azure portal account:

Other storages

We created a way to connect to a custom file system provider (via HTTP protocol) that allows you to use Stripo editor with your own file storage, no matter which technology you use. A custom file system provider is an API that allows Stripo editor to connect your file system to Stripo’s file manager. It can be built with your preferred technology: just follow our instructions to provide successful systems communication.

The Basic Authentication is used to send these requests, so please be sure that you specified correct Login, Password and API URL in the Stripo Integration menu of your Stripo account.

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