Stripo menu includes the following tabs:


You can use the Profile menu to configure your personal data adding first and last names, photo or logo, email address, and phone numbers.

You can also choose interface language for the whole editor.

Please note that name and email address fields are mandatory to fill.

Below the personal data form, there is a password reset form.

To change your password, insert your current password, then the new password, and finally confirm new password once again.

Please note that password minimum length is 6 characters, including 1 uppercase and 1 number, you can also use only the following characters for your password: A-Z, a-z, 0-9.

Also, if you decided to terminate your account, you can do it in the "Account removal" section

My organization

This settings panel consists of several tabs and displays account status, and prepaid services.

Here you can track the number of created projects, emails and templates in your account and the number of timer block views.

For users with MEDIUM, PRO and PRIME tariff plans and Extra Users prepaid service, invited users number control is available.

You can also track the number of available tests for users that bought our Email on Acid partner service.

In the General information form below you can specify your organization name, change tariff plan and buy Extra Users, Extra Timer Views, Extra Email Clients Tests, and Extra exports services.

Scroll down to see the Organization settings form where you can hide basic and prepared templates in the workspace area, disconnect convert line spacing to pixels, turn off the email and templates autosaving, then disable email tests with Email on Acid partner service, customize the number of devices to make screenshots of the email test, and also compress pictures.

All the mentioned elements will not be displayed in the editor and workspace area when disabled.

At the very bottom of My organization menu, you can configure the image server. For more details, click here.


The following menu allows users with MEDIUM, PRO and PRIME tariff plans and Extra Users prepaid service to invite other Stripo users to their account to share emails and templates and give permission to view and edit them.

To invite user, insert email address of the invited one in the Invite user form, set access permissions and access to the project, and then click Invite user button.

Click here for more details about users roles and rights.


Projects menu allows you to create additional projects and customize them for more convenient use.

Click here for more details about projects and how to configure them.


Billing menu allows you to set payment details, add new payment services and remove outdated, download bills and manage your payment history.

For more details about various settings of the billing menu, welcome to this section.


You can use our editor as a plugin by adding it to your resource.

In this user guide posted on our site, you will find more details on how it works and how to configure the plugin.

Brand Guidelines

You can automatically generate a brand book for your emails. This feature is available for paid plans. Brand Guideline is like a Statute for all email coders, designers, and email marketers on your team who are involved in email production.

Brand Guidelines is our totally new feature to help: 

a) you build brand consistent newsletters regardless of what agency or email designer you hire for building your future campaigns; 

b) designers easily get used to rules and requirements for emails of any brand and will build those emails in no time; 

c) make on boarding of new teammates go easier and faster.

You can generate the Brand Guidelines for any project of yours within just a minute totally for free.

More information about Brand Guidelines and how to generate it for your projects you can find in our post.

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