Right after you sign in to your account, you will proceed to Stripo workspace area.

In this area, the following editor features are available for you:

Switch between emails and templates tabs

It allows you to create, edit, copy, delete, use folders to organize and preview emails and templates.

To switch to editor mode, click the corresponding email or template with the left mouse button.

When you click on the ellipsis you can see the menu bar with options to copy desired email or template in one click, delete it, move it to another project and open an email in preview mode.

Having clicked the view button, you can use the link from the opened email or template tab to share it with colleagues or clients. They will only be able to see your email - but not edit it.

With New Folder button you can add folders to store emails and templates - just drag messages to the desired folders by mouse holding left button.

Besides that, you can create your email based on saved templates, prepared and basic templates in the Templates tab.

Saved Templates

Here you can use all your templates which you created earlier in editor.

Prepared Templates

Prepared templates are created by our designers for your inspiration. You can either use their design elements for your emails - or the entire design by just replacing the content with your own.

Basic Templates

Basic templates contain several types of templates to use for different purposes.

For example, Training Template is good to learn editor features deeper.

Use Empty Template if you want to have access to all the embedded tools and make emails yourself crafting every element manually.

My HTML is helpful if you’re going to use your own HTML embed code and craft a fully custom email.

Please note that when inserting your own code, the standard functions of the editor menu will not be available. They will have no classes that are necessary for this and you can only change the pictures and the inscription on the buttons (if any in the email)

For adapt your code to the editor menu functions, you can add our classes.
For more details on how to do this, read this post

1 Column Template, 2 Columns Template, Trigger newsletter mockup, Promo newsletter mockup, Master Template are convenient to use as a frame or sample if you plan to create one or two columns email, digest, promo newsletter or long email full of various content.

You can disable displaying of basic and prepared templates in Organization menu.

Search form

Search form is convenient for users that store a huge amount of emails and templates in their accounts. Just insert email name fragment, and search form will help the desired email and proceed to the editing.

Sorting of emails and templates

The sorting menu is located on the right of the search form. By using it you can sort emails and templates by creation date, modification date or name. 

You can also set ascending or descending sorting order using arrows button.

Switching between projects

Users with AGENCY tariff plan can create more than one project. To switch between projects easily and conveniently, use the drop-down menu at the top right corner of the screen, near the Account settings button.

Navigation to account menu

At the top right corner of account menu, you can see the button that navigates you to account settings menu tabs like Profile, Organization settings, Projects, Billing, Plugins and Template Kits.

Template order

Order the template button is located at the left corner of the screen, below the emails and templates tabs.

Having clicked it you will navigate to this section of our website https://stripo.email/ru/template-order/ and follow the instructions to order email layout from our designers - and receive fully responsive email tested in  various systems.

Follow us on social media

Using the social media icons at the bottom left corner of the screen you can subscribe to us and be always updated with all our news and events.

Our blog

Using the Blog link at the bottom left corner of the screen you can visit our blog with hundreds of posts on various topics: f.ex., how to use fonts, avoid spam filters, customize embed code to use in Stripo, etc. https://stripo.email/blog/.

Release Notes

Release Notes link at the bottom left corner of the screen navigates you to the corresponding website section that will keep you always updated with all planned releases and updates. https://stripo.email/releases/.

Privacy Policy

Using the Privacy Policy link is at the bottom left corner of the screen. You can go to this section for more details about our privacy policy. https://stripo.email/privacy-policy/.

Terms of Use

With Terms of Use link that is at the bottom left corner of the screen, you can proceed to this section for our terms of use details. https://stripo.email/terms-of-use/.

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