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When you log in to a Stripo account, you will see the account’s main page called Workspace area.

Here you will find all your email messages and templates, folders, some of the tools for working with emails, as well as links to useful pages. You can create, copy, export your emailы and perform other actions in the Workspace area.

Let’s take a closer look at the Workspace area to find out its features.

The Email messages and Templates tabs:

The first thing we can see when entering the Workspace area is a list of email messages, templates, and folders we created earlier.

Note: There is practically no difference between Stripo email messages and Stripo templates, except that a template can be used as a draft when creating new emails.

A template is a draft of a future email where you set the design styles, structure, and order of elements in it. Typically, templates are created in order to optimize email production time because the main advantage of templates is that they can be reused.

Select one of the two tabs at the top left corner to switch between email messages and templates.

Creating a new email message:

To create a new email message, click the green button "New message" at the top left corner.

You will see three tabs that allow you to create an email based either on your own template, on a basic Stripo template, or on one of the templates created by our designers.

The "Saved templates" tab will show all previously created templates.

In the "Basic templates" tab, you will find:

  • an empty template;

  • "My HTML" template that allows you to paste your custom HTML code. Please follow this link to read instructions on how to adapt a custom HTML code to activate the drag-and-drop functionality;

  • training template — there are lots of prebuilt structures in it;

  • master template;

  • 5 categories of email templates. They are as follows: Promo, Info, Business, Trigger, and Transactional.

In any of the templates, you can adjust, change, and remove content at your own discretion. You can also save structures, containers, or stripes as Modules to reuse them in your future email campaigns.

In the "Prepared templates" tab, you will find 1150+ prepared email templates.

This is the easiest and probably the most convenient way of building emails. In the "Prepared templates" tab, you will get inspired by the design of existing templates. You only need to choose the template you like, customize it to fit your brand design best, insert your URLs, and replace our images/texts with yours. That’s it. Your email is ready!

It works best for email marketers who create many emails daily.

With BASIC, MEDIUM, PRO, and PRIME subscriptions, you have an opportunity to use our PREMIUM templates, which are designed in unique styles by our designers.

Besides, for more convenience, you can filter templates by type, season, feature, and industry or choose the newest templates.

Once you have decided on the template, you need to click on it, and a new window where you can edit, view, and test your templates will open.

Search form:

The search form is convenient for users that store many email messages and templates in their accounts. Just insert the email name fragment, and the search form will help the desired email and proceed to the editing.

Sorting of email messages and templates:

The sorting menu is located on the right of the search form. By using it, you can sort email messages and templates by creation date, modification date, or name.

You can also set ascending or descending sorting order using the arrows button.

Folder configuration:

You can group your email messages and templates by placing them into different folders. To create a new folder, click the "New folder" icon and drag emails to the desired folders by mouse holding the left button.

At the top left corner, you will find the exact path of a current folder. It’s helpful in case you have a lot of folders and subfolders, as you can use it to navigate between the folders.

Additional tools for the workspace area:

You can perform different actions with email messages and templates right from the workspace area. Hover the mouse over an email message or template and click the three dots at the top or bottom right corner of it.

A new pop-up menu letting you perform the following actions:

  • Open the preview mode, where you can see how the email/template will look on desktop and mobile devices. Learn more;

  • Make a new copy of an email message/template;

  • Move an email/template to another folder or project;

  • Export an email/template to your email service provider or select another export option. Learn more;

  • Delete an email/template;

  • Open an email/template in a new editor version. Learn more;

  • Copy an email’s ID by clicking the ID number. Helpful when searching for emails using the search box.

You can perform these actions with several emails/templates at once.

Hover the mouse over an email/template, and you will see the check box at the top left corner. Select several emails/templates by clicking their checkboxes.

At the top, you will find a menu that allows copying, exporting, and deleting multiple emails/templates at once. Besides, you can copy and move several emails/templates to another folder or project.

Switching between projects:

Users with MEDIUM, PRO, and PRIME tariff plans can create more than one project. To switch between projects easily and conveniently, use the drop-down menu at the top right corner of the screen, near the Account settings button.

Navigation to account menu:

At the top right corner of the account menu, you can see the button that navigates you to account settings menu tabs like Profile, Organization settings, Billing, Plugins, and Brand Guidelines.

Furthermore, you can upgrade your account to any paid plan and log out.

Learn more about the account menu.

Our Help Center contains articles that let you learn about Stripo features and tools. Simply click the Question mark to open the Help Center and use the search box to find a necessary article.

Additional services and useful links:

You will find the "Data" tab and a link to the template order form on the left panel.

You can create a data collecting service or add a new data source using the "Data" tab.

If you struggle with finding a good design for your email, you can order a template from our designer's team by using the Template order form.

At the bottom left corner are links to our social media, our blog, and other useful resources.

If you want to learn more about Stripo, please visit our blog, subscribe to our Youtube channel, or follow us on social media.

Thank you for taking your time to read our articles. We hope you will find this information helpful.

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