You can change your personal data in the Profile menu.

Add your first and last names, photo or logo and phone numbers using the form above.

Also, you can change the current email address to which the account is registered.

To do that, just fill a new email address in this field

Please note that the email address that you are going to use must be free from registration in Stripo. So it means that no other account is tied to this email address.

After that, an email with a confirmation button for changing the email address will be delivered to your new mailbox, you just have to confirm it.

Below the personal data form, you can see the password reset form.

To change the password, you need to enter the current password, then the new password, and finally confirm new password once again.

Please note that password minimum length is 10 characters, including 1 uppercase and 1 number, you can also use only the following characters for your password: A-Z, a-z, 0-9.

After the password has been changed, you will see this message

If you forgot your current password, then you can request a password changing email.

Please enter the email address to which you registered in Stripo

All that remains for you is to change the password in the email that you received and it's done)

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